In a world without windows, in the company of shadows,
You know *they* won't forget you, they'll take you in.
Emotionally shattered, don't ask if it mattered,
Don't let it upset you, just start again.

In a world under glass, you can watch the world pass,
And nobody can touch you, you think you are safe.
But the wind can blow cold, in the depths of your soul,
Where you think nothing can hurt you till it is too late.

Run till you drop, do you know how to stop?
All the people walk right past you, you wave goodbye.
They all merely smiled, for you looked like a child
Never thought that they'd upset you, they saw you cry.

So take advice, don't question the experts.
Don't think twice, you just might listen,
Run and hide, to the corners of your mind, alone,
Like a nobody nowhere.

- Donna Williams, from Nobody Nowhere.

Books by Donna Williams:

Nobody Nowhere, 1992.

Somebody Somewhere, 1994.

Like Color to the Blind, 1996.

Autism, An Inside-Out Approach, 1996.